Old Caoling Bikeway

The 2,167-meter Old Caoling Tunnel linked up Fulong and Shicheng in the past. It was built during the Japanese Occupation as part of a railway project to ease traffic difficulties between Yilan and the greater Taipei area.

This is the first railway tunnel-turned-biking path in northern Taiwan. Because this old tunnel is just beside the new one, whenever a train passes through the New Caoling Tunnel, the humming sounds of the train can be heard inside its old counterpart. A lot of train fans have come to visit the old tunnel just to experience this. The tunnel also serves as an open-air railway museum. Not only the biking path looks like a railway track, the tunnel lights with oil lampshades are also of a retro-style. Riding through the Old Caoling Tunnel is like riding on an early-day railway. The ride is fun and nostalgic!

Ride the winds and enjoy a laid-back morning in this seaside vacation town.

After lunch, we go to Longdong for snorkeling. The Longdong area can be divided by the Longdong Tunnel into two recreational areas, the Longdongwan Park and the Longdong South Ocean Park. They are distinguished by their rich and diverse geological views and recreational water activities.


  • meet up at the Taipei Train Station

  • take a coach to Fulong

  • go biking

  • lunch is the well-known Fulong lunch box

  • snorkeling in Longdong

  • take a coach back to the Taipei Train Station

Price Includes:

  • tourguide

  • insurance

  • transpotation to Fulong and back to Taipei

  • bike

  • helmet

  • lunch box

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